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Chart themes can be used to customise the look and feel of your charts to match your application.

AG Charts support Chart Themes to change how charts are styled. There are a number of chart themes provided out of the box by the grid. You can also provide your own custom chart theme to the grid to customise the colours of charts along with other styling options. Alternatively, you can just provide overrides to tweak the provided chart themes in the way you want.

Provided Themes

There are five chart themes that are provided by the grid: 'ag-default', 'ag-material', 'ag-pastel', 'ag-vivid' and 'ag-solar'. When using a dark theme for the grid (e.g. ag-theme-alpine-dark), dark equivalents of the chart themes are provided by default instead, named with a -dark suffix, e.g. 'ag-vivid-dark'.

When you create a chart, you can scroll through the different available themes in the chart settings.

Theme Picker

You can change which themes are available by setting the chartThemes property in gridOptions. The example below shows a different selection of themes configured in this way.

Custom Chart Themes

You can create your own chart theme and provide it to the grid in the customChartThemes map on gridOptions. Your theme should then be specified in chartThemes to make it available to your users.
const customChartThemes = {
     myCustomTheme: {
         baseTheme: 'ag-pastel',
         palette: {
             fills: ['#c16068', '#a2bf8a', '#ebcc87'],
             strokes: ['#874349', '#718661', '#a48f5f']
         overrides: {
             common: {
                 title: {
                     fontSize: 22,
                     fontFamily: 'Arial, sans-serif'

const chartThemes = ['myCustomTheme', 'ag-vivid'];

<AgGridReact customChartThemes={customChartThemes} chartThemes={chartThemes}></AgGridReact>

The example below shows a custom chart theme being used with the grid. Note that other provided themes can be used alongside a custom theme, and are unaffected by the settings in the custom theme.

Overriding Existing Themes

Instead of providing a whole custom chart theme, you can instead supply just a set of theme overrides. These will be applied on top of every available theme. This can be useful for tweaking the style of your charts without having to provide a whole theme, or to make changes across multiple themes.

const chartThemeOverrides = {
    common: {
        title: {
            fontSize: 22,
            fontFamily: 'Arial, sans-serif'

<AgGridReact chartThemeOverrides={chartThemeOverrides}></AgGridReact>

The following examples show different types of chart being customised using theme overrides.

Example: Common Chart Overrides

These overrides can be used with any chart type.

Example: Cartesian Chart Overrides

These overrides can be used with any cartesian chart.

Example: Line Chart Overrides

Example: Bar/Column Chart Overrides

Example: Area Chart Overrides

Example: Scatter/Bubble Chart Overrides

Example: Pie/Doughnut Chart Overrides

Example: Histogram Chart Overrides

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