JavaScript Data GridColumn State

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Column Definitions contain both stateful and non-stateful attributes. Stateful attributes can have their values changed by the grid (e.g. Column sort can be changed by the user clicking on the column header). Non-stateful attributes do not change from what is set in the Column Definition (e.g. once the Header Name is set as part of a Column Definition, it typically does not change).

The DOM also has stateful vs non-stateful attributes. For example consider a DOM element and setting"100px" will indefinitely set width to 100 pixels, the browser will not change this value. However setting element.scrollTop=200 will set the scroll position, but the browser can change the scroll position further following user interaction, thus scroll position is stateful as the browser can change the state.

The full list of stateful attributes of Columns are represented by the ColumnStateParams interface: