Vue Data GridClipboard

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You can copy and paste items to and from the grid using the system clipboard.

How to copy

Copying from the grid is enabled by default for enterprise users. To copy your selection to the system clipboard, you can use the keybind ^ Ctrl+C, or right click on a cell and select 'Copy' from the context menu. Unless Range Selection or Row Selection is enabled, you will only be copying from the currently focused cell.

When copying multiple cells, the contents will be copied in an Excel compatible format, with fields separated by a \t (tab) character.

Copying Cell Ranges

When Cell Ranges are enabled by setting gridOptions.enableRangeSelection=true, copying will copy the Cell Range's content to your clipboard. Select a range by clicking on a cell and dragging with the mouse, then copy with the ^ Ctrl+C keybind.

Multiple cell ranges can be selected at once using ^ Ctrl and dragging with the mouse. When copying, all ranges will be copied to the clipboard. Note that the relative positions of multiple ranges is not preserved when copying, they are stacked vertically in the clipboard.

The column headers can be copied to the clipboard in addition to the cell contents by enabling the option copyHeadersToClipboard.