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Rows & Columns Interactions

Rows & Columns Interaction feature demo

Our Angular grid provides rich inline editing experience so your users can update the information they need with fewer clicks. To make the grid editable use one of the provided cell editors or easily create your own to suit your business needs. Need to change the order of the displayed records or columns in the data grid? Easy! Use the familiar Drag & Drop functionality to perform those actions in our data grid.

Grouping / Aggregation

Grouping & Aggregation feature demo

Being able to quickly analyze data can help your users make better business decisions. Our Angular grid makes it easy to summarize, analyze, explore, and present any data in just a few clicks. That's achieved through the use of the grouping/aggregation and pivoting functionality. We've got everything you'd expect from a table grid: grouping by specific columns, applying various aggregate functions, having row and column totals and others.

Rich UI controls

Rich UI controls feature demo

GUI is still the preferred way for interaction with widgets for your users. That's why we've put a lot of emphasis on the UI controls to make the best Angular grid in the world. Our grid implements customizable column and context menus which is a must-have for modern Angular data grids. They provide a convenient way to filter and copy/paste records, resize and pin columns and perform other UI actions. The Angular grid example above gives a short demo of that functionality.

Tree View

Tree View feature demo

Often business data has hierarchical relationships between entities. To make it easy to work this kind of information, our Angular data grid implements the tree view specifically designed to display parent / child relationships between entities. The tree view implements a convenient mechanism to expand and collapse groups in one click. And when you need to perform some analysis, the grid has data aggregation and filtering functionality available for you even in the tree view.

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Using our Angular grid you can work with large amounts of data and never worry about performance issues. Right from the start we designed our datagrid to deliver the performance required by modern day enterprise applications. The grid can process over 100,000 updates per second and performs smoothly with millions of records. Usually it is more than enough for business critical applications.

And we don't stop there

We understand the modern need for speed, so we constantly working to combine the latest browsers advances and cutting-edge algorithms in our grid to justify the reputation of the best Angular datagrid in the world.

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